Friday, June 27, 2014

Tips to increase visitors on your website

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We present a series of tips that are essential for making a good SEO positioning strategy:
  1. Texts and original quality: The quality content, relevant and original that adds value to our target audience is one of the fundamental pillars of good positioning strategy. Not only maintain our loyal visitors to our site but search engines will reward us with greater relevance.
  2. Find and define your keywords: To ensure your website is vital to define the key words that you want to position in search engines. Then, each time you create a page, you must choose a few and use them as follows:

    • Title: In the title or name of our content
    • Description: the description tag should provide a summary of what appears on this page and should contain the keywords for which you want the search engines to show our web page
    • Tags H1,H2 and H3: The use of tags is very important because they tell the search engines which are the most important words of our content to give more importance to the time to show results
    • Within the content itself: The keywords must be included naturally in the content without excessive use

  3. Design and web design: It is important to design an elaborate structure and hierarchy of the content of the page. The presentation of information with an easy and intuitive navigation is the key to achieving our target audience loyalty.
  4. Importance of social networks: Social networks take an increasingly important role in business and should be part of life and business strategies as they are the perfect opportunity to present, in a fast way, products or brand. Participate in social networks will allow us to expand our influence and increase our online reputation and also helps to rank contents which shared on social networks.
  5. Analyze the effectiveness of your site: An analysis of traffic statistics from our website is critical to the evolution and success of our web site, becoming support for any marketing. With the obtained data, companies can better position itself against its competitors, define marketing strategies based on the most successful sites, find the weaknesses of your site, the origin of visitors and can even help define more consistent strategies with the habits of our target audience, improve service and achieve more sales and customers.
  6. Use a content management platform to help you: If you do all the above and the results are not to your liking, you can do two things. One is to hire an SEO agency for monthly perform technical optimizations into your or if you have not already done so, find out how GMC Solution can do the magic you want, because your engine automatic optimization and transparent users.
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