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11 SEO Tips to increase visitors on your website or blog

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If you want to increase visitors on your website then you have to follow some guidelines; today I am sharing 11 SEO Tips and Tools which helps you in website design & development, SEO positioning, and SMO Marketing.

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  1. Creates original and interesting content: Make the reader stay longer on your site and to see other pages of the site. Every time Google has more factors into account usability and stay on your website, so the trick is to be more brilliant and noteworthy. Study time and the bounce rate for each item to turn your readers what they prefer
  2. Write 500+ words content: If your site is 4 paragraphs the reader will not last much longer than 20 seconds. Try to get more ambitious content and retain as long as the reader.
  3. Take care of your visitors from devices: Visits from mobile phones and tablets are an important part of the statistics and have to watch the presentation and usability of your site for these resolutions. If you want to stay longer on your site should have a customizable design or alternatively a version of the mobile web. You can check your website for all resolutions and devices with this tool: Screenfly
  4. Post regularly: Searchers value to your site is current and alive. Try to post at least weekly to be listed as an active source of information. If your website is static, try to create a blog section you can post more often and make Landing Pages to attract different types of search engines
  5. Contribute and connected with your community: It's the best way to link with others. Help others and resolves questions of comments. Interact and participate in communities interested in your content
  6. Protocol after each item: After publishing each article runs a protocol of actions that go refined over time. This should take about 20 minutes and is very important to do after publishing each article or page. Could post to Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Google+, With LinkedIn, forums in which you participate, comment on related articles, directories... All the initial work is good to get some first links on websites and shared on social networks . Your articles are always visible in the search engines the first 4 days, so the initial push helps increase visits in those better days.
  7. Guest Blogging: Write an article on other guest blogs. You can give out in other areas and also get quality links to your website. For example, if you write about Social Media marketing and you can send your articles to PuroMarketing
  8. Offer some valuable content: Prepares and provide some content you offer from a landing page that can link and you can monitor the visits. Try it necessary to go to your site to access the content. It's a good idea to combine it with the use of other tools such as Pay with a Tweet or subscribe by email Mailchimp
  9. Landing Page: Scoring a specific SEO work for different Landing Page that you can create to find ways to attract people to your website. Position content for certain keywords and monitor visits you get to that page through search engines
  10. Readers Watch: Removes unnecessary publicity such that you are not giving any money from your website. Save loading time and improve the usability of your site
  11. Measures and improves the speed of your site: This is another of the most important factors in a good position and can use various tools to measure it. With Google Page Speed Tool ​​will tell us many points where we can improve our speed
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