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Friday, May 30, 2014

Value of Link Building in SEO world

Quality Link Building

Although Google is insistent that the links no longer determine the positioning of a web search engine, the truth is that there is no reason to believe that this is so.

For starters, it would not be the first time that Google, trying to convince us that the SEO strategies based on link building no longer work and, to be honest, still there exist clear examples, that quality back links are still working.

Of course not talking about links in bulk, thousands upon thousands of links with the same anchor text, from forums etc ... but web-based strategies to build quality links are still working.

If, thousands of worthless links did not affect the SERPS, with the arrival of Google updates this change (for the worse), and since then, all these little valuable links began to penalize the positioning of pages web host and, in short, opened the door to negative SEO.

Link Building Solutions

Google disallow tool is a curious example of an error not recognized, it becomes an opportunity to penalize Google results based on user feedback ... in other words ... if a user believes that the link to your website is bad, and make a complaint to Google, then Google can consider that your website is harmful, crawling to you and everyone who linked ... a real domino effect in which Google has only had to get into the body for fear that you provide a list of possible pages to penalize.

In the best case, reported by your Google webmaster tools that have 'bad links', but not tell you which are, let alone why they are bad.

Matt Cutts has already reported that Google will provide more information in the future in these cases, not coming to provide a list of poisonous back links, but if you give some examples of the causes of this type of penalty.

It reminds me of the functionality of your webmaster tool involving recently, indicating the health of indexing each page and indicating that pages had been discarded by our hated finder to give us an idea if we were doing something wrong in our website.

Of course, without warning, that useful information was deleted while the number of 'not provided' were increasing and were blocked from Google; many people provided information to those paid tools trying to help professional SEO, by closing many of these companies.

What is Web Optimization?

First of all we should clarify that, in the field of Search Engine Marketing, the process of search engine optimization (confused SEO) and PPC (pay per click) or advertising.

SEO Services

While the goal of SEO process is to appear on the first page of results search engine (or best possible positioned), the SEM is to appear between paying Google ads, in its various forms.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • For both small and large companies, PPC allows them to target a large group of people at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.
  • The SEM is the tactic of online marketing more direct and immediate results.
  • Establishes a direct connection between potential customers and their business (their website).
  • Search engines are the most desirable ways for people to find Web sites. Just over 80% of traffic comes from search engines.
  • All methods of pay per click marketing and local search can help grow their business.
  • Approximately 60% of users shopping online depending on the search engine result.
Online Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) involves a set of activities needed to maximize the visibility of website in search engines and thus can increase visitor traffic techniques.

What is SEO?

The Search Engine Optimization involves preparing your website and its content, so that search engines consider your website as more meaningful to search for a query keywords and key phrases in particular.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization:

The professional SEO makes your website friendly to search, and brings visitors to your website or blog once improves its position in search engines (SERPs).

There are two main factors that influence the ranking of your web pages:

On-page Optimization: It is the process of optimizing the structure and content of the website so they can read and index all web pages of that site by the robots of search engines; The title, meta tags, descriptions, site map, headers H1, H2, ... etc. ..
  • Analysis and Keyword Research
  • Optimization of anchor text (text anchors)
  • Keyword Density (keywords)
  • Tags title (optimization)
  • Shipping Sitemap
  • Verification with search engine webmaster tools for Google, Yahoo and Bing
  • Alt Tag Optimization
  • 301 Permanent Redirect
  • Implementation of Analytics

Off-page Optimization: Building quality links to domain through bookmarks, directories, articles, blogs, forum postings, etc... As well as other processes such as blog posting, profile back links, rss feed and Social Media work
  • The link building: Link Building Process refers to the method of building quality links to your web site and partner sites, which helps to achieve better positions in SEPRS and therefore, visitors to your site.

Trick to increase visits to your website

I leave here a trick to increase visits on your website. Well known for most SEO's, but with a good optimization and spending time, you can have a good impact, let's begin.

Go straight to your Google Webmaster Tools account (I hope you have), select "search traffic", then "search queries" and now (and within the page), "home pages".

Trick to Increase Visitors on website

After the last update of the tool gives us better data and more reliable…

“Can you see what the most visited pages after being shown in Google results are? Have shown many times, how many clicks have been generated, their average position in the search results and CTR (number of impressions divided by clicks).”

Now it comes to selecting pages with high impressions and low CTR. For example this:

Increase Visitors

It was during this period, shown over 1100 times, with only 44 clicks, a CTR of 4%. I have other, with CTR of 10% or higher.

If achieving a CTR of 8% would be 88 visits and 44. Yeah, I know, the increase is nothing, but if you multiplications by many content pages or by a much higher number of impressions ... achieve twice visits.

How did we do?

With the description field of meta-tags, possibly abandoned it; in terms of positioning has no direct impact (not used by search engines), but in most cases the text we show our potential customer or reader.

Go to the post in question (""), this shows we Google in your results:

SEO Company

I have found that most searches are: choose a name for web, how to choose a domain name, and web domain name for better.
  • Use Authorship for your Web Page
  • Do not change Titles frequently (it will lose positions of your Web Page)
  • You can change the descriptions of your Web Pages (remember, at most 156 characters)
New description in meta tags:

Can I help you more to Titles and Descriptions for your website? Make no mistake, and follow these tips to start successfully.
  • You have to write meaningful Titles for your webpages
  • Your Title shouldn't be more then 66 characters
  • You have to write meaningful & non-promotional Descriptions for your webpages
  • Your Meta Description shouldn't be more then 156 characters.
  • You can use Symbols in the description of Meta Tags
Another technique is to introduce rare Unicode characters with text; are being used more and more, and it seems (for the moment) that Google displays and does not intend to penalize whoever Use. By having a high visual impact, increase performance whether yes.

For example: To put the symbol ©, you must put in the field descriptions Meta tags this: ©

I hope these tips can help you, now you just need to give the little button +1 or share the post on any social network, thanks!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to protect your website from Negative SEO

Negative SEO

What is the negative SEO?

Might consider SEO Positive art of optimizing your website for; naturally, get a good position in Google.

The Negative SEO is based on using SEO techniques to rank your harm competition. The best (or worst) of all, it's easy. There are different techniques used to generate harmful links.

Why is it so easy?
Links are an important SEO factor.

One of the techniques used to achieve a good positioning was to generate many links to your website. And with the words he wanted to be positioned in the link text, all in bulk. An example of a link:

Google, in one of their updates started penalize such practices, making you lose positions in the search dramatically.

And this I have used many companies to generate bulk (using tools that have been created for this purpose) jurisdiction negative links.

How to detect if they are doing negative SEO to your website?

In my case I could figure out why I saw on visits from Analytics blog erotic themes.

But you may have many negative links without any evidence of them. So how can you tell?
Track Negative SEO
Positive SEO

  • With tools like Ahrefs: The latter is the very best to analyze your inbound links. In the next picture you can see that from the month of March the pages linking me suspiciously increase.

Positive SEO

Ahrefs has allowed me to see what these links are, where they are, and what the words that link are:
  1. Many links are on pages erotic themes disreputable
  2. The vast majority of links are in comments in blogs or directories WordPress
How to avoid the attack? How to remove these links?

Well help is impossible. What we can do is remove the links. How? First monitoring the tools mentioned, and once detected:
  • Contacting the webmaster to delete the link (complicated)
  • Telling Google what are the links you do not want to take into account
And the latter is what I did.

Basically it is to upload a txt from webmaster tools.

With the exact domains or URLs that you want to notify; where I notify Google that I do not consider any links from these sites, so I would not affect my rankings (and do all this action, we'll see ...).

I monitor many websites, and I can assure you that such attacks are becoming normal. Worst of all is that Google has no way to identify it, despite doing things naturally and correctly, if someone from your competition wants to attack with negative SEO on your website...

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Google Panda 4.0 update new search

Google Panda 4.0 update

There is a new update from Google; it seems important: Google Panda 4.0

I had not commented on the algorithm changes Google ... I think that since Google Hummingbird.

On 21st of May, monitoring one of my projects, I have seen a move * suspects in search results, at which point I Googled to see if there was any change important SEO and think so:

* You move: movement of curious positions in search results; Also known as Google Dance. Come, my way of putting

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda is a change in the operation of the search engine Google (the first in 2011); with the goal of eliminating the results of dubious quality or fraudulent. How do you measure this mainly Google?

How do you interpret whether it is quality or not? On the rebound from the web, the average length of visits, pages viewed, if shared in social networks...

Duplicate Content

On this point, here's a post on duplicate content.

Why news is updated among many?

Because it seems to be superior to the other updates to Panda impact 7.5%, for example, results in English. Right now, chatting on Twitter, I've seen other cases of people who have noticed significant changes in our area.

What is my opinion?

Well, Google, with many anti SPAM updates, has been unjustly charged with a lot of companies (mostly small). But it must be incredibly difficult to execute these actions without victims (like wars).

I think the next updates of the Seeker (this and next of Penguin 3.0 ...) go in the direction of refining these actions. If so, many of the injured will recover (if still living), possibly with a few other hand amputated.... and many others will fall, there are still sites that are positioned well undeservedly.

What do you think? Have you been affected by any of the many updates?

How to detect if they have copied content from your site

Duplicate Content

Why contents are copied from other websites?
  • Why is it easier to copy than to create?
  • Why it can be difficult to maintain good descriptions of many products from an online store (and copied all of the manufacturer or other stores)?
  • Why think that if copied contents of a web positioned them well positioned equally well?

What can happen if it happens to me?

Well, before Google from indexing their content and penalize you in the search results by copying content. This is unfair? Yes! But hey, we're talking about Google...

How do I check if I have copied the content?

With this tool, it is a wonder: Copyscape.

Duplicate content

In most cases is subtle duplication. Copied your content and change some of the words.

Another good tool is Similar Page Checker; this will check the content similarity between two URLs. I would say from 40%, would be detrimental...

Did it happen? Have you had experience in this regard?
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Coming off a Google Penalty

SEO Company

"Google has had a very interesting last couple of years."

Since early 2008 GMC Solution is dedicated to SEO positioning; many techniques for positioning had been used (and still use), and had achieved good results.Google is not transparent on this issue (it never was), but there are some guidelines that can harm the positioning of a website.

If your web page or your website has been penalized, there are a number of tips that can help you recover from the wrath of our hated finder and his mood swings , as well as some little animals panda or penguin.

There is a manual positioning SEO, but few specific factors that can penalize you and you should solve.

  • Meta title and description; Make sure you are using titles and descriptions and explanatory only (no a cluster of keywords separated by commas). Short and written for 'human'.
  • Headings H1, H2, H3, ..; If you have many keywords in headings have problems. Fix it and focus on the rest of the text. Do you really think that the searcher does not know that trying to position keywords?
  • Keyword stuffing; if you put the same key in the title, h1, h2, alt and content nonstop! Yourself!.
  • Anchor text in internal links; Do not overdo this tactic is not as effective and can ensure that does not penalize
  • Eliminate all those pages that do not add anything, Pages or very little content similar to others that already exist.
Off Page
  • Link building; Forget accumulate and build links even come from Chinese blogs. Check all incoming links to your website, and start removing all coming from blogs, directories, websites, etc ... low quality, i.e., all those who do not have a proven reputation belong to your industry or justified the presence of link to your website.
  • Anchor text; Excessive repetition of anchor texts cause penalties in the SERPS. If you have to choose, the most important links can include keywords, your name brand, your website, etc ... Most of your links should be with your brand and your website.
  • Duplicate content; if you imitate the famous copy / paste to your site or blogs and directories. Starts with healing content both on your site and beyond.

SEO Services

If you've taken steps to purchase likes, +1, etc.. better than you have decent traffic from these social networks because, otherwise, Google knows that these social votes have been bought. (Actually I do not think that the impact of these factors is important)

As you'll see, this is not advice to improve rankings in the search engines, but to save the situation as a case of penalty. One last tip; "Have patience with these actions, it takes time to recover from Google Penalization".