Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to detect if they have copied content from your site

Duplicate Content

Why contents are copied from other websites?
  • Why is it easier to copy than to create?
  • Why it can be difficult to maintain good descriptions of many products from an online store (and copied all of the manufacturer or other stores)?
  • Why think that if copied contents of a web positioned them well positioned equally well?

What can happen if it happens to me?

Well, before Google from indexing their content and penalize you in the search results by copying content. This is unfair? Yes! But hey, we're talking about Google...

How do I check if I have copied the content?

With this tool, it is a wonder: Copyscape.

Duplicate content

In most cases is subtle duplication. Copied your content and change some of the words.

Another good tool is Similar Page Checker; this will check the content similarity between two URLs. I would say from 40%, would be detrimental...

Did it happen? Have you had experience in this regard?
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