Friday, May 30, 2014

Value of Link Building in SEO world

Quality Link Building

Although Google is insistent that the links no longer determine the positioning of a web search engine, the truth is that there is no reason to believe that this is so.

For starters, it would not be the first time that Google, trying to convince us that the SEO strategies based on link building no longer work and, to be honest, still there exist clear examples, that quality back links are still working.

Of course not talking about links in bulk, thousands upon thousands of links with the same anchor text, from forums etc ... but web-based strategies to build quality links are still working.

If, thousands of worthless links did not affect the SERPS, with the arrival of Google updates this change (for the worse), and since then, all these little valuable links began to penalize the positioning of pages web host and, in short, opened the door to negative SEO.

Link Building Solutions

Google disallow tool is a curious example of an error not recognized, it becomes an opportunity to penalize Google results based on user feedback ... in other words ... if a user believes that the link to your website is bad, and make a complaint to Google, then Google can consider that your website is harmful, crawling to you and everyone who linked ... a real domino effect in which Google has only had to get into the body for fear that you provide a list of possible pages to penalize.

In the best case, reported by your Google webmaster tools that have 'bad links', but not tell you which are, let alone why they are bad.

Matt Cutts has already reported that Google will provide more information in the future in these cases, not coming to provide a list of poisonous back links, but if you give some examples of the causes of this type of penalty.

It reminds me of the functionality of your webmaster tool involving recently, indicating the health of indexing each page and indicating that pages had been discarded by our hated finder to give us an idea if we were doing something wrong in our website.

Of course, without warning, that useful information was deleted while the number of 'not provided' were increasing and were blocked from Google; many people provided information to those paid tools trying to help professional SEO, by closing many of these companies.
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