Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to protect your website from Negative SEO

Negative SEO

What is the negative SEO?

Might consider SEO Positive art of optimizing your website for; naturally, get a good position in Google.

The Negative SEO is based on using SEO techniques to rank your harm competition. The best (or worst) of all, it's easy. There are different techniques used to generate harmful links.

Why is it so easy?
Links are an important SEO factor.

One of the techniques used to achieve a good positioning was to generate many links to your website. And with the words he wanted to be positioned in the link text, all in bulk. An example of a link:

Google, in one of their updates started penalize such practices, making you lose positions in the search dramatically.

And this I have used many companies to generate bulk (using tools that have been created for this purpose) jurisdiction negative links.

How to detect if they are doing negative SEO to your website?

In my case I could figure out why I saw on visits from Analytics blog erotic themes.

But you may have many negative links without any evidence of them. So how can you tell?
Track Negative SEO
Positive SEO

  • With tools like Ahrefs: The latter is the very best to analyze your inbound links. In the next picture you can see that from the month of March the pages linking me suspiciously increase.

Positive SEO

Ahrefs has allowed me to see what these links are, where they are, and what the words that link are:
  1. Many links are on pages erotic themes disreputable
  2. The vast majority of links are in comments in blogs or directories WordPress
How to avoid the attack? How to remove these links?

Well help is impossible. What we can do is remove the links. How? First monitoring the tools mentioned, and once detected:
  • Contacting the webmaster to delete the link (complicated)
  • Telling Google what are the links you do not want to take into account
And the latter is what I did.

Basically it is to upload a txt from webmaster tools.

With the exact domains or URLs that you want to notify; where I notify Google that I do not consider any links from these sites, so I would not affect my rankings (and do all this action, we'll see ...).

I monitor many websites, and I can assure you that such attacks are becoming normal. Worst of all is that Google has no way to identify it, despite doing things naturally and correctly, if someone from your competition wants to attack with negative SEO on your website...

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