Wednesday, June 4, 2014

21 SEO tips for beginners to enhance your visibility in Google. 100% guaranteed!

SEO Tips for Beginners

Generating traffic in Google with SEO techniques has transformed over the last 10 years in a fundamental to all freelancers and owners of micro-bent on getting visibility in Google.

The good news is that once consolidated, your rankings are generally very stable over time, and if you write quality contents, you will get good results from this traffic (use and conversions) and in this, Google is your friend. The bad news is that you need to train you in these tactics, understand the principles on which they have built search engines and implement them in your own website or blog. Believe it, this is not complicated.

I am inviting you to read 21 SEO tips that do not suffer from blindness in Google and get people to find your blog or website making relevant searches on Google and of course, also finished reading your articles or contents, because a satisfied customer is a potential reader…

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Everything you need to know about SEO for Beginners
  1. Write proper title for your page
  2. Use title Meta tag
  3. Use Meta description and keywords Meta tags
  4. Optimize images

  5. Use H1 tag at least once in a page
  6. Address search engine friendly URLs
  7. Create XML sitemap
  8. Sign up for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools
  9. Create Robots.txt file
  10. Write at least 200 words content for each page
  11. Develop a blog for your website
  12. Write at least 3 post per week
  13. Minify CSS files
  14. Minify JavaScript files
  15. Compressing resources with G-zip or deflate
  16. Develop a content architecture to sweep Google
  17. Use long tail keywords
  18. Choose keywords to users of Google
  19. Keywords: Analyze thoroughly the pillars of your blog
  20. Get inbound links without selling your soul to the devil or get banned by Google.
  21. Identify great opportunities for link building
I hope this information is useful to you and once you implement on your blog or website can get more visits. If you liked what you read, Give a +1 to this page and share it with your contacts on Twitter or FaceBook.

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