Monday, June 30, 2014

Affordable Web Positioning Services

Affordable SEO Services

If you throw a quick search on Google for these terms "affordable search engine optimization" you will find 12,100,000 results. These are tripled if we are looking for “affordable SEO". With these figures, and as in many of the services related to computer science and software development, you can imagine that the level of intrusion is quite high.

I have found companies that make up the web you and leave you all ready for SEO "you triumph online" for less than 100 $. Not to mention Social Media ....

For all these reasons, and because above all, we are programmers, we never wanted to get into the gardens of SEO and SMO. Which made us change your mind?

We believe there is the economic search engine optimization, and we believe it can be done to mislead anyone

The SEO and social media go together closely to any web project. According finished any of our developments we launch the client the following question now what I get seen on Google; our response has always been the same: Why change your WordPress website and have halfway done, but if you want to compete to get out at the top should be a little more efforts.

The keys to optimizing your website and highlight

GMC Solution recently launched affordable search engine optimization service. Part of a low cost web consulting service in which we analyze your current situation and give you the keys to improve your brand online and Networks. You can find all the information on this link and if you want, you can hire our affordable SEO services.

3 tips to improve your ranking and your brand online

Today I'll give you some tips that you can apply gold to your web site to improve SEO and for better management of social networks.
  • Analyze the situation of your website and list the main results: number of visits, search, terms for which people find you, rebound, average time spent on the site ... Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools will be very helpful at this point.
  • Set a goal for improvement (realistic) and works to achieve: I want to have 10 fans over the next month, I want to increase by 15% of visitors, I climb the rankings in Google for certain keywords ... For this, you'll have to find out what so your goals, at least, post more often on my blog, I follow interesting people in networks for knowledge of them, etc. are obtained.
  • Listen to your users: Never leave unanswered a comment on your profile in the network or an entry in your blog, never erase negative comments (unless it contains inappropriate content), take advantage of these opportunities to listen and try to build and improve upon criticism. Always answers with respect and try to understand the criticism. If you want to know what is said about you, you can sign up in Google Alerts

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