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Improve SEO with Quality Link Building

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What is Link Building and how it can improve the SEO?

If we want to improve SEO; Link Building is the work we have to do to get links pointing to our website. It corresponds to one of the parcels of SEO. It is very important to consider this factor when optimal positioning of our website.

I will give you an example for you to understand better. Take the case of two pages of the same industry and therefore similar content. There are other factors besides SEO Link Building that search engines take into account when positioning ourselves but input, considered most important that has more relevant links pointing to your website.

How to properly work a Link Building?

While it is very important to consider the Link Building to improve the SEO, the most important is to have clear concepts to work it the right way and make sure we are not penalized for doing wrong. There are a number of factors we have to consider before launching a search for links to our web:

Social networks: The amount of information that moves and shared via social networking is so important that we should not underestimate this means getting links. Here's another example: create our Company Profile FaceBook , where we post links to periodically new content on our website, it is a way to, first, get us publicity and followers or customers and, second, that those followers or Customers also link us from your FaceBook page, directing us correctly to improve SEO.

Some links are more important than others: The pages are ordered by using the Google Pagerank, according to the philosophy of the search engine, the meter is important and describes the importance 0-10, with 0 being not at all important and 10 is very important. So we should try to get links from pages with high Pagerank, if we want to improve SEO.

Link-to-me: Top-rated bonds are themed sites similar to your site: Google gives more importance to those links that come from sites or blogs whose subject is closely related to your website.

Let's see this with another example: if we have a clothing store, is not very logical to link a company reform, for example. But that would have in mind if we link beauty salons, fashion magazines and even other related shops, for example, shoes or accessories...

So it is not that we cannot be linked in thematic pages differently from ours, but keep in mind that the topics are complementary, so that we are better designed to improve SEO.

Develop a good strategy for getting links: At first it is not easy to get other websites are pointing ours. But if we want to improve the SEO, it is essential to devote some time to devise a plan to help us achieve our goal.

There are several ways to get links, some better than others, of course:
  • Exchange links: It is most typical. Contacting the administrator of the web that interests you and in return you offer link.
  • Buy links on a given Web: Perhaps the webmaster you want to point to yours is not interested in an exchange. In that case, maybe you can buy space for your link. It's all about trading the way you want it to appear and the money is going to cost. In this case according to latest updates from Google, your website could be penalized.
  • Careful use link farms: Link farms are pages that abound on the Internet in which, will ensure a number of links for free. This option is not always desirable to improve with proper SEO Link Building, but if you still want to use it, we must be very careful because we can include static pages without relevant content, riddled with links, as we can be linking many sites whose topics are totally incompatible and opposed to our site, so we would be damaging rather than improving the SEO in addition to cost us money.
  • Be selective about the links: In our aim to improve the SEO is very important that we ensure that pages that link us are not penalized because, if so, we would pass automatically to be, too. Practices such as buying bulk links are not well regarded by Google, so it's better that we make sure to get links to a given criterion, rather than throw like crazy in search of links which can turn against us.

The best strategy; good content: At first we were going to be difficult to see results in improving SEO by Link Building. But the best results are obtained in the long term and in a natural way. If we care to have a current and modern web, take care of the content of our website, interact with our followers or customers and we care about and respond to their needs not ours, the pages that point to our website will increase with little realize.

In the end, the continuous and persevering work is often the best performing. And both the appearance of your website and its content are essential to improve the SEO, not only with the Link Building, but in many other respects, as if both are attractive, highly visual, interesting and quality in the eyes of sailors this will be your best guarantee for success.

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