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Friday, July 4, 2014

Improve SEO with Quality Link Building

Link Building Solutions

What is Link Building and how it can improve the SEO?

If we want to improve SEO; Link Building is the work we have to do to get links pointing to our website. It corresponds to one of the parcels of SEO. It is very important to consider this factor when optimal positioning of our website.

I will give you an example for you to understand better. Take the case of two pages of the same industry and therefore similar content. There are other factors besides SEO Link Building that search engines take into account when positioning ourselves but input, considered most important that has more relevant links pointing to your website.

How to properly work a Link Building?

While it is very important to consider the Link Building to improve the SEO, the most important is to have clear concepts to work it the right way and make sure we are not penalized for doing wrong. There are a number of factors we have to consider before launching a search for links to our web:

Social networks: The amount of information that moves and shared via social networking is so important that we should not underestimate this means getting links. Here's another example: create our Company Profile FaceBook , where we post links to periodically new content on our website, it is a way to, first, get us publicity and followers or customers and, second, that those followers or Customers also link us from your FaceBook page, directing us correctly to improve SEO.

Some links are more important than others: The pages are ordered by using the Google Pagerank, according to the philosophy of the search engine, the meter is important and describes the importance 0-10, with 0 being not at all important and 10 is very important. So we should try to get links from pages with high Pagerank, if we want to improve SEO.

Link-to-me: Top-rated bonds are themed sites similar to your site: Google gives more importance to those links that come from sites or blogs whose subject is closely related to your website.

Let's see this with another example: if we have a clothing store, is not very logical to link a company reform, for example. But that would have in mind if we link beauty salons, fashion magazines and even other related shops, for example, shoes or accessories...

So it is not that we cannot be linked in thematic pages differently from ours, but keep in mind that the topics are complementary, so that we are better designed to improve SEO.

Develop a good strategy for getting links: At first it is not easy to get other websites are pointing ours. But if we want to improve the SEO, it is essential to devote some time to devise a plan to help us achieve our goal.

There are several ways to get links, some better than others, of course:
  • Exchange links: It is most typical. Contacting the administrator of the web that interests you and in return you offer link.
  • Buy links on a given Web: Perhaps the webmaster you want to point to yours is not interested in an exchange. In that case, maybe you can buy space for your link. It's all about trading the way you want it to appear and the money is going to cost. In this case according to latest updates from Google, your website could be penalized.
  • Careful use link farms: Link farms are pages that abound on the Internet in which, will ensure a number of links for free. This option is not always desirable to improve with proper SEO Link Building, but if you still want to use it, we must be very careful because we can include static pages without relevant content, riddled with links, as we can be linking many sites whose topics are totally incompatible and opposed to our site, so we would be damaging rather than improving the SEO in addition to cost us money.
  • Be selective about the links: In our aim to improve the SEO is very important that we ensure that pages that link us are not penalized because, if so, we would pass automatically to be, too. Practices such as buying bulk links are not well regarded by Google, so it's better that we make sure to get links to a given criterion, rather than throw like crazy in search of links which can turn against us.

The best strategy; good content: At first we were going to be difficult to see results in improving SEO by Link Building. But the best results are obtained in the long term and in a natural way. If we care to have a current and modern web, take care of the content of our website, interact with our followers or customers and we care about and respond to their needs not ours, the pages that point to our website will increase with little realize.

In the end, the continuous and persevering work is often the best performing. And both the appearance of your website and its content are essential to improve the SEO, not only with the Link Building, but in many other respects, as if both are attractive, highly visual, interesting and quality in the eyes of sailors this will be your best guarantee for success.

So if you liked this article and I thought it was interesting, why do not you share your thoughts with us?

Monday, June 30, 2014

Affordable Web Positioning Services

Affordable SEO Services

If you throw a quick search on Google for these terms "affordable search engine optimization" you will find 12,100,000 results. These are tripled if we are looking for “affordable SEO". With these figures, and as in many of the services related to computer science and software development, you can imagine that the level of intrusion is quite high.

I have found companies that make up the web you and leave you all ready for SEO "you triumph online" for less than 100 $. Not to mention Social Media ....

For all these reasons, and because above all, we are programmers, we never wanted to get into the gardens of SEO and SMO. Which made us change your mind?

We believe there is the economic search engine optimization, and we believe it can be done to mislead anyone

The SEO and social media go together closely to any web project. According finished any of our developments we launch the client the following question now what I get seen on Google; our response has always been the same: Why change your WordPress website and have halfway done, but if you want to compete to get out at the top should be a little more efforts.

The keys to optimizing your website and highlight

GMC Solution recently launched affordable search engine optimization service. Part of a low cost web consulting service in which we analyze your current situation and give you the keys to improve your brand online and Networks. You can find all the information on this link and if you want, you can hire our affordable SEO services.

3 tips to improve your ranking and your brand online

Today I'll give you some tips that you can apply gold to your web site to improve SEO and for better management of social networks.
  • Analyze the situation of your website and list the main results: number of visits, search, terms for which people find you, rebound, average time spent on the site ... Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools will be very helpful at this point.
  • Set a goal for improvement (realistic) and works to achieve: I want to have 10 fans over the next month, I want to increase by 15% of visitors, I climb the rankings in Google for certain keywords ... For this, you'll have to find out what so your goals, at least, post more often on my blog, I follow interesting people in networks for knowledge of them, etc. are obtained.
  • Listen to your users: Never leave unanswered a comment on your profile in the network or an entry in your blog, never erase negative comments (unless it contains inappropriate content), take advantage of these opportunities to listen and try to build and improve upon criticism. Always answers with respect and try to understand the criticism. If you want to know what is said about you, you can sign up in Google Alerts

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Tips to increase visitors on your website

Internet Marketing Solutions

We present a series of tips that are essential for making a good SEO positioning strategy:
  1. Texts and original quality: The quality content, relevant and original that adds value to our target audience is one of the fundamental pillars of good positioning strategy. Not only maintain our loyal visitors to our site but search engines will reward us with greater relevance.
  2. Find and define your keywords: To ensure your website is vital to define the key words that you want to position in search engines. Then, each time you create a page, you must choose a few and use them as follows:

    • Title: In the title or name of our content
    • Description: the description tag should provide a summary of what appears on this page and should contain the keywords for which you want the search engines to show our web page
    • Tags H1,H2 and H3: The use of tags is very important because they tell the search engines which are the most important words of our content to give more importance to the time to show results
    • Within the content itself: The keywords must be included naturally in the content without excessive use

  3. Design and web design: It is important to design an elaborate structure and hierarchy of the content of the page. The presentation of information with an easy and intuitive navigation is the key to achieving our target audience loyalty.
  4. Importance of social networks: Social networks take an increasingly important role in business and should be part of life and business strategies as they are the perfect opportunity to present, in a fast way, products or brand. Participate in social networks will allow us to expand our influence and increase our online reputation and also helps to rank contents which shared on social networks.
  5. Analyze the effectiveness of your site: An analysis of traffic statistics from our website is critical to the evolution and success of our web site, becoming support for any marketing. With the obtained data, companies can better position itself against its competitors, define marketing strategies based on the most successful sites, find the weaknesses of your site, the origin of visitors and can even help define more consistent strategies with the habits of our target audience, improve service and achieve more sales and customers.
  6. Use a content management platform to help you: If you do all the above and the results are not to your liking, you can do two things. One is to hire an SEO agency for monthly perform technical optimizations into your or if you have not already done so, find out how GMC Solution can do the magic you want, because your engine automatic optimization and transparent users.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tips for the success of your Website

Internet Marketing Solutions

Generating quality contents, intelligently use social media and search engine optimization (SEO) are the main ingredients for success on Web. Without going into technical issues; now sharing some tips to help you.

Quality content: SEO Techniques employed or good SEO practices help the visibility of our website & bring more visitors. However, well-written content, specializing in the subject matter and ultimately falls short of what the public demands, it is what keeps the faithful visitors to our site providing us the following:
  • Trust and reputation: An important and frequently renewed content adds value and provides the potential customer trust, online reputation and loyalty.
  • Higher conversions: Quality content has a direct influence on sales because not only describe a product or service from a company, you can also convert a visitor into customer. The purpose of writing a good content strategy is to get the reader to understand why and how to use our services or product.
  • Best naturalpositioning: Searchers are focusing all their efforts on finding and providing news content in their results. For Bing and Google, the two search engines struggle to combat spam and promote quality content with new algorithms.

The role of social networks: Social networks & blogs are rapidly growing worldwide and habits of users are experiencing significant changes in this regard. Also, search engines have been refined their algorithms to demand the needs of these new users, awarding top positions and online reputation, those articles that identify the author of the article. It is for this reason that, as the search engines evolve, companies have to go changing their strategies and move towards adding more viral marketing content sharing in social networks and blogs.

Technical SEO Optimization: Apart from the above, if you want to get better SEO results you can hire an agency that will continually help make technical changes to your website or alternatively, do not worry much if you're already hiring someone to manage your site. Remember that GMC Solution gives you best InternetMarketing Solutions like Quality Link Building, Onsite Optimization, Keyword Research, Off-page Optimization and many more… to achieve better position in search engines.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

SEO Services

There are good and bad peoples in this world; "white hats" who obey the law and the "black hats" who decide to skip it. May well have heard of "white hat SEO" and "black hat SEO" in several places.
In this case Google is the Sheriff that makes the law, and we do not want to get caught doing something they should not. So let's take a look at what we need to know.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for "search engine optimization". It is the practice of having our web site or blog in the top of the search engines; in particular Google dominates the market.

Reference to an "SEO" a person in charge is also made to optimize a website for search engines.

SEO Solutions

Black Hat SEO: Black hat SEO is a practice that goes against the rules of Google. The result is a website that Google will not want to promote it because nobody of utilized and nobody will want to read it. Some black hat practices are:
  • Pay elsewhere for that link to yours.
  • Creating links with keywords rich in using dodgy techniques such as trackback spam.
  • Participate in link exchanges with sites that have nothing to do with the theme of your website.
  • “Scraping "content from others to use on your site.
  • The use of hidden text that readers cannot see, but the search engines if you can (for example, put a lot of keywords in white text on a white background).
  • Include a link to your website link farms.
You can tell if a technique sounds too good to be true, it probably is not. You cannot automate the process of building links for hundreds of these overnight without doing anything.

White Hat SEO: The white hat SEO plays by the rules there. The result is a website that Google naturally wants to promote because it contains content useful and easy to understand for readers who visit. White hat practices are:
  • Creating high quality content on our blog.
  • Use WordPress or other CMS solid for our site this well optimized and structured.
  • Writing articles on other blogs guest high quality reinforcing our authority to Google.
  • Use Google Webmaster Tools to fix any issues on our site.
  • The development of clear and direct for our items that use the same keywords that readers would use titles.

It may seem obvious that the White Hat SEO is the way to go and we are 100% agreement.

The Black Hat SEO techniques result in some very quick results, but the drop in traffic and rankings in the search will be just as fast when you catch Google. (And keep in mind that Google's algorithms are getting smarter over time.)

Working in the online business is a marathon, not a sprint, so you need to focus on long-term strategies, not short-term results.

With proper use of white hat practices, we will be sure that the construction of a site stands the test of time. Need not be concerned if Google updates will affect us in the rankings, and also see that it is easier to participate in other marketing and communication using social media, as we have something very valuable to offer our readers.

Would love to hear what you think about this topic: are you actively using SEO to get more traffic to your website? Have you ever used black hat methods (perhaps it newbie) or are on the side of the White Hat?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

27 Tips for SEO to improve your SEO Positioning

Web Optimization

Today I am sharing 27 SEO Tips and Tools; These Tools can help you in Search Engine Marketing, SEO Service, Link Building Solutions, Internet MarketingSolutions, Internet Marketing Service, SEO positioning, and SMO Marketing.
  1. Review JavaScript: Please review a few JavaScript used your site and try to save where they are not needed. We like to put him many functions and effects to us, regardless of weight that entails.
  2. Remove WordPress plugins: Uninstall all plugins you do not use and try to save those who can. Values in each case give you the functions and size and work that give the web each time they are loaded.
  3. Place JavaScript after the code: Try to locate the JavaScript load as possible behind the code. If you must be in the header, which is the end. If you can be in the body at the end too. This prevents the page to display the contents wait until you have loaded the Java.
  4. Delay or defer JavaScript loading: Can use html and java code to force load at the end plugins JavaScript. In WordPress we have this component that helps us carry our heavier plugins after displaying the page content: Lazy Widget Loader
  5. Clean your code: Your code is not what most occupies, but opens many times. You can clean your html, CSS and PHP files and compress unnecessary entries with the help of a tool.
  6. Minimize your CSS and Java: You can use the tool Minify for any web page to combine and reduce your CSS and Java files. In WordPress you can access it through the plug-in W3 Total Cache.
  7. Combine your JavaScript: If you have more than 3 or 4 JavaScript to be loaded on every page, it is very good idea to combine them into a single file and requests and save time. Maybe it's part of the article in which more knowledge is needed, but with a very basic idea together knows java. In WordPress you can use JS & CSS Script Optimizer.
  8. Use Pagination: If your content is very long and for presentations of blog articles, we paginate the contents to be not too long and heavy. The blog page should be limited to 5 or 6 items, and provided only a sample or a header, not complete.
  9. Reduces the number of DNS queries: Try not link or upload images from many different domains. Try doing all http requests to your own domain. But take long to resolve the different requests and greatly increase the loading time
  10. Few http calls: Our pages do the least possible number of requests to the server. I recommend do not pass 25. The tool GTmetrix you measure and analyze this data.
  11. Gzip Compression: We enable Gzip compression, which is like the Zip code of the web. The explorers downloaded and processed faster so today is indispensable use. In WordPress we can enable the aforementioned plug-in W3 Total Cache.
  12. Use page cache: The cache is a copy of the page that saves the reader to not have to charge it the next time you ask for it. There are several types of cache systems. With W3 Total Cache and other plugins might help you with some pictures too.
  13. Use cache for Java: Java plugins that have been are the heaviest part of the web with the images, so if we keep in cache also save many times its load.
  14. Determine expiration date of the cache: We can manually set the validity of the cache, depending on the file type. Configure the variables with mod_expires and htaccess. . If not we can order the data too often or almost never. For images and JavaScript we can give you an expiration date of 3 weeks and 3 days for text. WordPress will help W3 Total Cache.
  15. Using a CDN: A content distribution network is a system by which visitors enter a parallel copy of your site hosted on another server. We benefit from the protection, speed, and cache copies in more features. You will need to make some changes to your DNS server names.
  16. Do not use nested tables in html: It is quite common to fall into the mistake of using a table inside another, but can slow down long page. Sometimes it is not easy to realize and what we discover with W3C Markup Validator.
  17. External CSS styles not in the code: It is very common to apply the styles directly on the page and not on an external CSS file. If you are using WordPress, then try to use the predefined styles that you have the right editor, and if there is writing on the HTML tab and applies the styles you defined in your CSS. Save time loading and efficiency to make changes.
  18. External Java script and not inside the code: Also used to see much html and PHP code within JavaScript. It will always be preferable to link it from an external file, which in turn can be combined with others, to cache and minimize if possible.
  19. Check the load times for each page: Analyze load times and rebound, and test alternatives and measures to improve usability. You can reuse GTmetrix.
  20. WooRank: A comprehensive tool to analyze our web initially.
  21. CEO Web: An online payment tool, but rather a free full version. It will help us monitor our links and keywords, while we can compare the data with Google Analytics. Web CEO Online
  22. Screaming Frog: A tool to install on your computer. Analyzes and tracks like a search engine our web and allows us to improve the fault. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool & Crawler Software
  23. All in One SEO Pack: Most complete SEO for your WordPress plug-in. Allow us to do many functions that we discussed in this article. All in One SEO Pack
  24. SEO by Yoast: Another alternative to the above, with many options and features to improve our search engine rankings. WordPress SEO by Yoast
  25. W3 Total Cache: Is Cache plug-in used in WordPress and more wonderful. There are other alternatives, but this is very comprehensive. It will help to improve the speed of our website. W3 Total Cache
  26. SEO Tools SEO Chat: It's the biggest collection of free online tools for SEO. Sure you get your website testing some useful information. SEO Tools SEO Chat - Search Engine Optimization Tools

  27. Ethical SEO

  28. Leave me a comment and link your blog: The community involvement is the most important point of all. If we want to get recommendations to connect with the people who make them. If your comment is interesting you get views of other readers. I will probably visit your blog and maybe I link you or share on social networks. And in any case at least Google have linked our blogs and scored our relationship and participation.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

11 SEO Tips to increase visitors on your website or blog

SEO Positioning Services

If you want to increase visitors on your website then you have to follow some guidelines; today I am sharing 11 SEO Tips and Tools which helps you in website design & development, SEO positioning, and SMO Marketing.

Internet Marketing Solutions

  1. Creates original and interesting content: Make the reader stay longer on your site and to see other pages of the site. Every time Google has more factors into account usability and stay on your website, so the trick is to be more brilliant and noteworthy. Study time and the bounce rate for each item to turn your readers what they prefer
  2. Write 500+ words content: If your site is 4 paragraphs the reader will not last much longer than 20 seconds. Try to get more ambitious content and retain as long as the reader.
  3. Take care of your visitors from devices: Visits from mobile phones and tablets are an important part of the statistics and have to watch the presentation and usability of your site for these resolutions. If you want to stay longer on your site should have a customizable design or alternatively a version of the mobile web. You can check your website for all resolutions and devices with this tool: Screenfly
  4. Post regularly: Searchers value to your site is current and alive. Try to post at least weekly to be listed as an active source of information. If your website is static, try to create a blog section you can post more often and make Landing Pages to attract different types of search engines
  5. Contribute and connected with your community: It's the best way to link with others. Help others and resolves questions of comments. Interact and participate in communities interested in your content
  6. Protocol after each item: After publishing each article runs a protocol of actions that go refined over time. This should take about 20 minutes and is very important to do after publishing each article or page. Could post to Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Google+, With LinkedIn, forums in which you participate, comment on related articles, directories... All the initial work is good to get some first links on websites and shared on social networks . Your articles are always visible in the search engines the first 4 days, so the initial push helps increase visits in those better days.
  7. Guest Blogging: Write an article on other guest blogs. You can give out in other areas and also get quality links to your website. For example, if you write about Social Media marketing and you can send your articles to PuroMarketing
  8. Offer some valuable content: Prepares and provide some content you offer from a landing page that can link and you can monitor the visits. Try it necessary to go to your site to access the content. It's a good idea to combine it with the use of other tools such as Pay with a Tweet or subscribe by email Mailchimp
  9. Landing Page: Scoring a specific SEO work for different Landing Page that you can create to find ways to attract people to your website. Position content for certain keywords and monitor visits you get to that page through search engines
  10. Readers Watch: Removes unnecessary publicity such that you are not giving any money from your website. Save loading time and improve the usability of your site
  11. Measures and improves the speed of your site: This is another of the most important factors in a good position and can use various tools to measure it. With Google Page Speed Tool ​​will tell us many points where we can improve our speed