Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Coming off a Google Penalty

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"Google has had a very interesting last couple of years."

Since early 2008 GMC Solution is dedicated to SEO positioning; many techniques for positioning had been used (and still use), and had achieved good results.Google is not transparent on this issue (it never was), but there are some guidelines that can harm the positioning of a website.

If your web page or your website has been penalized, there are a number of tips that can help you recover from the wrath of our hated finder and his mood swings , as well as some little animals panda or penguin.

There is a manual positioning SEO, but few specific factors that can penalize you and you should solve.

  • Meta title and description; Make sure you are using titles and descriptions and explanatory only (no a cluster of keywords separated by commas). Short and written for 'human'.
  • Headings H1, H2, H3, ..; If you have many keywords in headings have problems. Fix it and focus on the rest of the text. Do you really think that the searcher does not know that trying to position keywords?
  • Keyword stuffing; if you put the same key in the title, h1, h2, alt and content nonstop! Yourself!.
  • Anchor text in internal links; Do not overdo this tactic is not as effective and can ensure that does not penalize
  • Eliminate all those pages that do not add anything, Pages or very little content similar to others that already exist.
Off Page
  • Link building; Forget accumulate and build links even come from Chinese blogs. Check all incoming links to your website, and start removing all coming from blogs, directories, websites, etc ... low quality, i.e., all those who do not have a proven reputation belong to your industry or justified the presence of link to your website.
  • Anchor text; Excessive repetition of anchor texts cause penalties in the SERPS. If you have to choose, the most important links can include keywords, your name brand, your website, etc ... Most of your links should be with your brand and your website.
  • Duplicate content; if you imitate the famous copy / paste to your site or blogs and directories. Starts with healing content both on your site and beyond.

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If you've taken steps to purchase likes, +1, etc.. better than you have decent traffic from these social networks because, otherwise, Google knows that these social votes have been bought. (Actually I do not think that the impact of these factors is important)

As you'll see, this is not advice to improve rankings in the search engines, but to save the situation as a case of penalty. One last tip; "Have patience with these actions, it takes time to recover from Google Penalization".

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